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Increasing Performance and Productivity with PHP and Server-side React.js

It's fairly well-known that React.js can be a great tool for building performant, dynamic user interfaces with _client-side_ JavaScript. What's less well-known is that it can also be a great tool for building performant, dynamic (and SEO-friendly!) user interfaces rendered and served _server-side_ via PHP. This talk will cover two different ways of integrating server-side-rendered React with PHP, offering strategies for combining these tools to increase performance, SEO, and developer productivity. To see the real-world applicability of these strategies, we'll talk about how AddThis used them to deliver an optimized experience for the over 2 billion users it serves monthly. By the end of the talk, you should feel confident that you too can use these techniques to seamlessly integrate React.js with the PHP you already employ.

Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers (@jmrog)

Jason Rogers is a Senior Software Engineer at AddThis, now part of Oracle Data Cloud. He has over 10 years of experience in web development, working across the stack in JavaScript and (occasionally) PHP and Java. In his professional work, he applies his passion for performance and clean code to the AddThis Publisher Tools (AddThis Client and AddThis Dashboard) and to FluxThis, AddThis' open source implementation of Facebook's "Flux" architecture pattern. Outside of work, you'll likely find Jason working on side projects, philosophizing (he has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Rochester), spending time with his wife and son, or attempting to lift weights.