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Hack Your Home With a Raspberry Pi

Do you ever wonder what's happening at your home when you're not there? Wouldn't it be fun to get a text message when your dryer is done? Using a LAMP stack on a device smaller than a credit card, you will learn to connect sensors to create web-enabled devices to monitor the temperature around your house and more! In this tutorial, you will do all of this on a Raspberry Pi Zero that you get to keep!

Because of the hardware needed (which you get to keep), there is an additional $40 fee to attend this tutorial which must be purchased after you buy your conference ticket.

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Ken Marks

Ken Marks (@FlibertiGiblets)

Ken is an IT Programming Instructor at Madison Area Technical College. He teaches intro and advanced programming in JavaScript, Java, and PHP. In a previous life Ken spent a big chunk of his career developing medical device software in C and C++. When Ken is not teaching he enjoys spending time with his family, and roasting his own coffee beans.